Monday, October 6, 2008

A long trip can be so inspirational! I just returned from three weeks in Paris and Venice.
I had to peek in every shop window to see the latest fashion trends and the new Fall colors. Everywhere I went little mental notes and sweeping design ideas filled my head and were etched on cafe napkins, the backs of ticket stubs and bits of scrap paper.
My LilyandEbony sewing studio is full of bright new fabrics with wonderful textures and prints. Vintage buttons and laces from Paris brocantes made their way home with me.
I have created some fabulous Winter Holiday Styles for your little ones, my best boutique customers. The first set is a pink flowing satin skirt and halter top with vintage lace inset.


megan said...

Hi! This is Megan, I just spoke with you on the phone! I am very excited to find your shop, blog, and etsy site! I LOVE your style and product selection. How wonderful to find someone who lives so close and sells all the fabric I love. And can I say that I'm just DYING reading about your recent trip? I have been to Venice once, passing thru as a teenager, it was a pit stop on a missions trip. My husband and I want so badly to go to Italy with our little family! I hope to talk to you more soon, and am thrilled to connect with you! By the way, with the two little ones I am behind on my blog, but just know I plan to update soon. Kids keep getting sick, and life is so busy with 2 little ones. Which you know having raised 4!!! Take care, chat more with you soon! -Megan www dot littlebellabean dot com, littlebellabean dot blogspot dot com.

robin said...

Robin was here :)

hi Linda!!!